Massive fire engulfs Sydney building, residents says ‘looked like a movie

A large fire broke out in a building in Sydney, resulting in its collapse, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald. Fortunately, the building was vacant at the time of the fire and was quickly reduced to ashes.

As the fire raged on, onlookers were alarmed by the sight of massive sections of the building’s walls and bricks tumbling to the ground. Fire and Rescue NSW (New South Wales) took control of the situation, managing to extinguish the fire that had destroyed two multi-story buildings in Surry Hills. Approximately 100 firefighters from various locations in Sydney responded to the blaze, working from a safe distance. Ladder trucks and drones were utilized to prevent the fire from spreading to neighboring residential units, as reported by an Australian publication.


In 2019, the city of Sydney received a development application to convert the heritage-listed property on Randle St into a hotel. The building had a history of over 100 years, according to a heritage impact statement cited by the Sydney Morning Herald. A resident from a nearby building recounted hearing a metallic burning smell and the evacuation alert of his own building around 4:15 pm local time when the fire started. Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the massive fire that occurred in the central Sydney heritage-listed building, which resulted in a chaotic afternoon.


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