Indian Navy to deploy BrahMos missile batteries strategically across maritime zones

The Indian Navy would deploy its recently-approved BrahMos supersonic cruise missile-equipped mobile coastal batteries at strategic locations across the maritime zone to neutralise threats from both east and west, former Navy Chief Vice Admiral Satish N Ghormade said on Saturday.

The mobile coastal missile batteries were cleared by the Defence Ministry recently, and a contract was signed with the BrahMos Aerospace Corporation on 30 March in this regard. The BrahMos-Equipped Maritime Mobile Coastal Batteries is an indigenous joint venture. This provides two capabilities: land attack and anti-ship, both of which are extremely essential to the maritime security of the nation.

Notably, the delivery of BrahMos missile batteries is scheduled to commence in 2027. These systems will be equipped with supersonic BrahMos missiles and will significantly enhance the multi-directional maritime strike capability of the Indian Navy.

The BAPL is a joint venture between India and Russia, making crucial contributions to augment the new generation of surface-to-surface missiles with enhanced ranges. This contract is going to give a further boost to the indigenous production of critical weapon systems and ammunition with the active participation of indigenous industries. This project will generate employment for more than 90,000 man-days over a period of four years.

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