‘Mann Ki Baat’ Milestone Episodes


October 3, 2014
On the opening day of “Mann Ki Baat” on October 3, 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “I have started this programme to reach out to the common man and listen to their ideas and thoughts, and to give voice to the aspirations of the people of India. This programme is not about the government, it is about the society. It is an attempt to bring people together, showcase the strengths of our nation and work towards building a better India.”
He added, “Cleanliness is no longer an individual responsibility, it is a collective responsibility. If each one of us takes one step forward, our country will take a giant leap forward…India is a country of diversity, and tourism can be a means of binding the nation together. It can also be a means of boosting economic growth.” “Khadi is not just a piece of cloth, it is a symbol of India’s self-reliance and self-respect. We should promote the use of Khadi in our daily lives…Technology is a means of connecting people and making their lives easier. We should use technology to connect with each other and share our ideas.”
Overall, the first episode of Mann Ki Baat set the tone for the program, which has since become a platform for the Prime Minister to communicate directly with citizens and address a range of issues affecting the country.

October 30, 2016
“On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, I extend my warmest greetings to all listeners. Festivals have been an integral part of India’s culture since ancient times, and it is heartening to see how our celebrations have evolved with changing times. The spirit of our festivals is rooted in the evolution of individuals, from the ‘self’ to the ‘whole’ and the development of personalities to encompass not just society but the entire universe…Another issue that needs attention is mental illness. We must address it as a society and extend support to those who suffer from it. Cleanliness is also a service to society, and the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has become a mass movement in the country. It is our collective responsibility to ensure cleanliness and sanitation in our surroundings and to raise awareness about waste segregation and management..As we approach National Unity Day on October 31, the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, I urge all citizens to participate in the ‘Run for Unity’ program and strengthen the bond of unity in our nation. Finally, I call upon everyone to embrace digital payment methods and contribute to the growth of a cashless economy in India.”
Overall, the 25th episode of Mann Ki Baat was a message of unity, togetherness, and a call to action for making India a cleaner and better place to live in.

November 25, 2018
“Unity in diversity is not just a slogan, but a source of strength and pride for every Indian…Our cultural heritage is our greatest asset, and we should celebrate our diversity and embrace each other’s differences…The youth of our country are our greatest resource, and we must empower them to take on leadership roles and contribute to the development of our nation…Democracy is not just a system of governance, but a way of life. We must all participate in the democratic process and exercise our right to vote…Political leaders must serve the people with honesty and integrity, and work towards the welfare of the nation…We have launched various initiatives like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Digital India, and PMJDY, aimed at creating a cleaner, more digital, and financially inclusive India…We owe a debt of gratitude to our armed forces, and we must always remember the sacrifices of our brave soldiers who laid down their lives for the country.”
Overall, the 50th episode of Mann Ki Baat was a special episode that celebrated the program’s success and highlighted various important issues that are crucial for India’s growth and development.

March 28, 2021
“Dear countrymen, it gives me immense pleasure to connect with you all once again through Mann Ki Baat. Today, I would like to talk about some important topics that require our attention as a nation. Firstly, the issue of water conservation is of utmost importance. I urge everyone to conserve water and use it judiciously. Let us work towards making every drop of water count..Moving on to the topic of women empowerment, I would like to highlight the inspiring stories of women who are making a difference in their communities. It is our collective responsibility to promote gender equality and empower women..As we approach the 75th anniversary of India’s independence, I am happy to announce the launch of ‘Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav’, a year-long celebration to mark this historic occasion. I urge all citizens to participate in the celebrations and learn more about India’s rich cultural heritage..On this occasion, I would also like to pay tribute to the Indian armed forces and healthcare workers who have been working tirelessly to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.
I urge everyone to follow COVID-19 guidelines and get vaccinated to protect themselves and their loved ones…Lastly, I would like to emphasize the importance of India’s cultural diversity and unity in diversity. Let us celebrate our differences and come together as a nation. Together, we can work towards creating a better and more
prosperous India.

”Overall, the 75th episode of Mann Ki Baat focused on various issues ranging from water conservation to healthcare and patriotism, and urged citizens to work towards creating a better and more prosperous India.