Man arrested for killing another to revenge “public humiliation”

Delhi: A man is detained after killing someone else to exact "public humiliation"


According to Delhi Police on Tuesday, a person has been detained for allegedly killing a man in the city’s Dev Nagar neighborhood in order to settle a score with him. The alleged murder allegedly took place between November 4 and 5. Police claim that the accused killed the man as retaliation for the latter’s “public humiliation” of him. According to Delhi Police, during the intervening night of 4.10.2023-05.10.2023, at around 1.50 AM, Police Station Prasad Nagar received a call from a man reporting that his friend had been shot outside Gali No. 1, Krishna Nagar, Dev Nagar, Delhi. When police units arrived on the scene right away, they discovered that the injured person had been taken to BLK Hospital.