Man Accused Of Misbehaving With Malayalam Actress In Flight Moves Court For Anticipatory Bail: Window Seat Row


The man in the case Anto C.R. v. State of Kerala and Anr has approached a Sessions Court in Ernakulam wherein seeking anticipatory bail, who is being accused of harassing a renowned Malayalam actress onboard an Air India flight in a dispute over occupation of the window seat. The petitioner, Anto C.R., alleged in the case to have misbehaved with the actress i.e., the de facto complainant herein, while in transit from Mumbai to Cochin in an Air India flight.

The court observed that while denying the said allegations, into claims he was tired after attending a Techno Expo and had found comfort in the vacant window seat in 12th row of the aircraft, thus, while his actual seat was the aisle seat of the same row.

Consequently, he also heard the de facto complainant argue with the air hostess, wherein it is stated that the window seat belonged to her for the duration of the journey.
Therefore, it has also been submitted by Anto before the court that he had politely informed the air hostess that he was ready to occupy his original seat, which was being occupied by his friend.

In the meanwhile, it has been claimed by the air hostess had offered another comfortable middle seat to the actress, thereby settling the said dispute. The petitioner in the plea stated that the Anto was surprised to find screenshots of the defacto complainant from social media the next day, wherein it alleged misbehaviour against the person who sat on his original seat. It is also averred that the entire allegation is concocted and that Anto had no role in the alleged incident.

He also submitted before the court that he is being threatened by the police officials of being charged with the non-bailable offences, and has put behind the bars. The plea stated that the 2nd respondent, SHO, Nedumbassery handles the said case in order to satisfy the pressure exerted by a highly influential person, that is the de facto complainant who has stardom.

Further, the petitioner in the plea also stated that the territorial police jurisdiction belongs to the Mumbai Police as per Code of Criminal Procedure, CrPC and that the present investigation initiated by the 2nd respondent was thus illegal. The petitioner has approached the court wherein seeking the anticipatory bail. The counsel, Advocate Rebin Vincent Gralan, and Advocate Dinesh G. Warrier moved the present plea.