Malaria and diseases spreading fast in flood-hit Pak

Malaria and diseases spreading fast in flood-hit Pak

As Pakistan continues to bear the brunt of ongoing floods, infectious diseases like malaria, typhoid, and dengue fever are fast spreading across regions as the death toll reached 324, authorities said on Wednesday.
The stagnant floodwaters have led to widespread cases of skin and eye infections, diarrhoea, malaria, typhoid and dengue fever across numerous provinces in Pakistan, triggering health threats to people in Pakistan.
Many people are in urgent need of food and medicine in flood-hit regions despite the efforts of the government and humanitarian organisations.
A majority of Pakistanis are unhappy with the government’s response to the unprecedented natural disaster that has ravaged millions of lives in the cash-strapped country, according to a survey.
This displeasure was evident in the latest Pattan survey published this week. The survey was conducted by community-based activists at 38 disaster-hit localities in 14 districts of three flood-hit provinces.
As per the survey, most localities were unhappy with the performance of state institutions. People in 92% of locations were forced to leave their villages and neighbourhoods due to floods, the survey said.