Making sense of a chaotic world

“What’s really going on?”

Things seem to be getting more and more chaotic, and it helps at times like these to try to understand what is really going on. In a nutshell, it all comes down to energy. Everything is energy. There are two types of energy – one is material and the other is non-material. Material energy takes a physical form, and this is what we see all around us and what appears to be in chaos. The second law of thermodynamics states that energy moves from order to chaos – entropy. What we are seeing around us now is the entropic state of our physical world, which has been in process in very slow motion over thousands of years. 

Up until now, the sun has been replenishing and refreshing the world, in such a way that we have not really noticed what has been happening. But, in the last 100 years or so, we have been releasing energy faster than the sun can replenish. This is now creating chaos in the physical environment:  global cooling, global warming, climate change, water pollution, air pollution. Everything expands from order to chaos and the only thing that keeps the process slow or re-energises, is a source of energy from outside the system.

The natural state of matter is form. However, the natural state of non-material energy or consciousness, is formless. The soul, spirit, psyche or consciousness, is what I really am, and my natural state is formless, radiant. We have over thousands of years learnt to identify with the forms we occupy. Because we identify with the body, we become attached to it and our possessions and others. Any perceived threat to these attachments results in emotions. Whenever we become ‘emotional’ we are experiencing chaos in consciousness. If we are attached to anything, a person, an idea, a belief system, we are going to suffer emotional chaos. Emotions are addictive because we have become dependent on the five senses and believe that happiness is to be had from something outside of ourselves, but intuitively we know that it is not, because happiness from the outside is so short-lived. This is why we continually go searching for more sensual stimulation. Or alternatively we look for reasons why that happiness is so short-lived, and we have the stress, fear and anxiety in between. Love, joy and peace are not emotions – they are natural states of being and are to be found within. This is why meditation has endured through thousands of years, because it is the way to transcend, become formless, become aware of being free.

What is going on is exactly what is supposed to be going on. Form is becoming chaotic, consciousness is becoming chaotic, but everything is unfolding exactly as it should. It is all the way it is meant to be – like the climactic point in a beautiful symphony. Little by little, individuals are beginning to think differently from the masses who think that the world is all there is, and becoming aware of consciousness and setting themselves free. They are working on their own consciousness, embrace everything as it is and everyone as they are, and changing the level of vibration of energy that they are emitting. The effect will be dramatic. It is all part of the game we are playing – formlessness is the ultimate freedom of consciousness.

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