Make India showstopper in global fashion, says Piyush Goyal


Emphasizing on the country’s potential to become the fashion hub of the world, Union Minister Piyush Goyal on Friday urged design students to make India a showstopper in global fashion.

Addressing the students and faculty at the convocation ceremony of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi Goyal said, “This is an India whose heart beats for more. India has the potential to become the Fashion hub of the world. NIFT can nurture innovative ideas for fabrics and textiles of India. Make India a showstopper in global fashion.” The Union Minister said that there was a need for carrying empathy and compassion for those who have been left behind as students leave for in new journey in life.

“We all have obligations to help millions of those who did not get the opportunity to get good education or got left behind,” he stated.

Goyal asked NIFT students and alumni to empower the country’s weavers and artisans by connecting them to the market. He said that the spirit of self-reliance can be channelised by helping the weavers and artisans in helping them get their rightful dues.

Goyal emphasised that design, packaging and branding for the products of artisans can give them great returns and NIFT students can consider working towards this direction. “Indian quality should define what is world-class. NIFT has a major role to play. It is the time that India starts draping the world,” he said.

He asked students to make handloom a product of luxury for the world.

“As graduating students, you must design India’s future just like stitches help a cloth take shape,” added Goyal