Mahsa Amini was not killed, but passed away: Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister


Mahsa Amini was not killed, but passed away, said Iran’s deputy foreign minister Ali Bagheri Kani. Amini’s death in police custody triggered  a massive protest across the country. Kani while defending his own government blamed the western countries for creating “baseless and fallacious atmosphere” and responsible for rising tension in Iran.

“Mahsa Amini was not killed, she passed away. We have seen the atmosphere created by some Western media with regard to the development in Iran. This atmosphere is baseless and fallacious. We are seeing the rights of the Iranian nation are violated by these western powers,” said Kani.  

Ali Bagheri Kani is on a visit to India has said that a panel under the interior ministry has been formed to investigate the deaths due to protests in Iran. The minister also said that due to protests that were prompted by the death of Amini, 50 police officers lost their lives and several other got injured.

“The western powers don’t talk about the people of Afghanistan, Palestine or Yemen. They don’t denounce or condemn these actions. Who are the real killers of these people?”

Bgheri on his India visit met with External affairs minister S. Jaishankar and discussed bilateral cooperation and regional issues.

“Yesterday, I held a very constructive meeting with minister Jaishankar. In that meeting, we discussed the most important bilateral relations issues. Both sides stressed that in the era ahead, we need to strengthen our cooperation and consultations in order to promote our bilateral relations and continue our engagement with each other,” Kani said.