Maharashtra Govt directs officials to say “Vande Matram” instead of “hello”

The Maharashtra Government on Sunday issued a Government Resolution (GR) making it mandatory for all government officials to say “Vande Matram” instead of “hello” while receiving telephone or mobile calls.

The Eknath Shinde-led govt took this initiative citing that the word ‘hello’ is an imitation of Western culture. The govt directed the employees working in the government or government–funded institutions to use “Vande Matram” instead of “hello” while receiving mobile or telephone calls from the citizens or the govt officials. Along with this the GR also directed the employees to influence others and create awareness among the people who meet them and ask them to do the same.

“The word ‘hello’ is an imitation of Western culture and just a “greeting without any specific meaning and does not evoke any affection,” GR said.
Well, this decision did not go well with the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) MLA, Waris Pathan.

He said that the Shinde Govt is creating new drama just to distract the public from the real issues.
“What will you do, if we do not say Vande Mataram? Will people get jobs by uttering Vande Mataram? Will farmers’ loans be forgiven? Inflation will come down?” Waris Pathan’s questioned the government.

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