Madras High Court Judge Offered Special seat To Differently Abled Law intern To Follow Court Proceeding

The Madras High Court Judge, Justice AD Jagadish Chandira in a heartwarming gesture gave the special seat to one of his law interns, who being the fourth-year law student from School of Excellence in Law, Tamil Nadu.
However, Gayathri, who is differently abled, joined as legal intern in the office of Justice Jagadish Chandira on Tuesday. Thus, Justice Jagadish Chandira in between of the court proceedings asked her if she was able to observe the proceedings and when Justice Jagadish Chandira got to know that she was having difficulty in following the court proceedings, the judge accommodated her by giving up the special seat close to the court staff.
The Madras High Court Judge, Justice Chandira while taking about the incident stated that Gayathri was a brilliant student and well read.
Justice Chandira stated that Gayathri is a very confident girl. She is vey brilliant. She is also preparing for UPSC and she does not have any arrears. However, no one usually bothers on reading up about the matters, but Gayathri is always well read and is prepared about the matters.

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