Ma Anand Sheela prefers Alia Bhatt for Biopic, not Priyanka Chopra


Notably, it was rumored that Sheela’s role would be shared by Priyanka Chopra and Alia Bhatt in two rival biopics. Sheela did, however, recently disclose that Alia was her first choice to play her in the biopic.
Ma Anand Sheela, who is most known for being Rajneesh (Osho)’s assistant, is not overly pleased with the biopic about her life that Priyanka Chopra is leading. In an interview, Sheela stated that prior to unveiling a project based on her life story, neither Priyanka nor director Barry Levinson asked for her consent.

She has never asked me officially, the contentious Osho assistant claimed in an interview on the Daasta YouTube channel. Nor has the director inquired. Only media have enquired about this from me. Since I resembled Alia Bhatt in my earlier years, she was my choice.

Sheela has previously stated that she even emailed Priyanka to request that the biopic’s development be halted. “I informed her that I had not selected her, thus I do not grant her permission to participate in [the] film. We just send legal notices in Switzerland. I wrote her an email, and it was recognized as legitimate there”.

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