Love from Punjab: Punjabi delicacies becoming hugely popular across globe


Punjabis have an innate quality of utilizing ingredients in multiple forms to make a plethora of varied dishes. Take fresh milk for instance; it is abundant in villages since most villagers owned cattle and they used it generously to make curd, ghee, paneer, and kheer and the list is endless.
The popularity of Punjabi cuisines is increasing day by day. So much so that not only Indians settled abroad, but also people having no Indian roots throng to Punjabi hotels to savour their food.
Michelin-star restaurants are catering out Punjabi recipes in abundance and getting accolades for them! From starters like ‘samosas’ and ‘paneer tikkas’ to mains like ‘sarson ka saag and ‘makki di roti’, ‘butter chicken’ and ‘tandoori naan’, the list goes on and on.
It is not just the burst of flavours on the taste buds that makes the food of Punjab so widely popular, it is the love with which it is prepared and served!
Bold textures, hearty flavours, and spices are the staples of Punjabi cuisine never disappoints. whether you are a vegetarian, a non-vegetarian, or a desert lover, it can satiate all your cravings.
Restaurants like Masala Library, Punjabi Grill, and Farzi Cafe are famous for their innovative dishes and modern twist on classical recipes. Chefs like Sanjeev Kapoor, Kunal Kapoor, Ranveer Brar and others have been instrumental in promoting Punjabi food to a wider audience, while the rise of Indian restaurants and food bloggers has helped to build a community of food enthusiasts who are all eager to explore the risks and diverse flavours of Punjab.