“Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end” Leonard Nimoy

The son of a successful businessman came back home after becoming a philosopher.  His father asked, “Good you are back home! What have you learned in the college?”
“Father, I have learned many things. Look! Do you see those mangoes? Tell me how many mangoes are there?” asked the son.
“There are two mangoes my son,” said the father.  “Now I will prove you there are three mangoes,” said the son.
“Ok, wait,” said the curious father and called his wife to join them to see their son prove there are three mangoes. The son using his philosophical logic and said, “This is mango number one, this is mango number 2, 1 + 2 is equal to 3. Hence there are three mangoes.”
The father thought for a minute and said, “Alright son, you proved it.” Then the father gave one mango to his wife and said, “Now your mother will eat one mango, I will eat the second, you eat the third.”

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