Local vs outsider battle heats up, Kartikeya Sharma marches ahead


Be it parliamentary or assembly elections in India, fielding a parachute candidate has always been a point of debate. Haryana is also now witnessing a political churning ahead of the Rajya Sabha elections to be held on June 10, after the Congress fielded a parachute candidate Ajay Maken whose candidature has caused heartburn even within his own party.

On the other hand, Sharma, son of the former Cabinet Minister Venod Sharma, who hails from Haryana, is being considered to be a strong claimant to the Rajya Sabha berth compared to the Congress’ parachute candidate. A string of Congress legislators privately told The Daily Guardian Review that Sharma is a far suitable choice as he hails from Haryana and has enough knowledge, insight about the problems and issues associated with the state. The mood is in his favour.

Maken is comes from Delhi and as an outsider does lack knowledge about the issues pertaining to Haryana, which can go against him. A Congress stalwart, Maken was Delhi state president along with the present portfolio of Rajasthan state in-charge.

Maken’s problem is multiplied with the widening rift within the rank of his party. Congress is unsure of its numbers as many MLAs are still sulking and upset with the affairs in the party. One MLA told The Daily Guardian Review that he is upset with the party high command and could wean away other legislators from the party.

Congress leaders are not happy with the decision of fielding Maken, as they feel party high command has neglected other party leaders hailing from the state. Congress bigwigs such as Captain Ajay Yadav and Randeep Surjewala are among them. According to Surjewala, it would have been better if the party had fielded a leader belonging to Haryana. Yadav is of the opinion that Kumari Selja