Local train services disrupted: Delays and cancellations from Oct 25 to Nov 4


Mumbai’s bustling local train network is set to witness a series of disruptions, potentially causing inconvenience to commuters, from October 25 to November 4. The reason behind these temporary inconveniences is the activation work on the sixth railway line being undertaken by Western Railway (WR) between Khar and Goregaon.
The work being carried out is part of the initial phase of the Lines 5 and 6 expansion project, which aims to establish separate rail lines for long-distance and suburban trains. The project, which commenced on October 7 between Bandra Terminus and Khar stations, is scheduled to conclude on November 4.
However, the 29-day duration for this phase of the project is expected to affect the daily routines of approximately 30 lakh Mumbaikars who rely on 1,394 suburban train services. During this period, it is anticipated that 2,720 train services will be canceled, 1,820 will experience delays, and more than 420 services will be short-terminated.
Western Railway has initiated the work to connect rail tracks and install the required infrastructure for integrating rail lines and signaling systems with the existing network. This phase is part of a larger rail project aimed at improving punctuality for local trains and increasing the capacity for future train services.
As per senior WR officials, until October 19, ten train services will operate with daily delays, and two trains will be short-terminated on the Churchgate-Borivali/Virar route. A WR official mentioned, “For five days from October 20, we will tentatively cancel six trains every day.” Subsequently, from October 20, WR tentatively plans to cancel six trains daily.
The most significant disruptions are expected to begin on October 25. From this date, WR authorities will start canceling approximately 100 to 400 services daily until the project’s completion on November 4. Furthermore, Platform 9 at Andheri station will be suspended from Day 14 until the project’s conclusion.
Another WR spokesperson stated, “On Days 28 and 29, there will be a 24-hour mega block at Bandra Terminus for the cut-and-connect of rail tracks.” Around 400 services are likely to be canceled on October 28 and 29.
Long-distance train services will also be affected during this 29-day period. Approximately 61 Mail Express trains are scheduled to be canceled, and 227 trains are expected to face delays, with a few others being short-terminated.