Live-in partner strangled girl to death, parents involved

Mother-daughter murder
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In connection with the rape and murder of a 25-year-old woman, three people were taken into custody on Sunday. On Friday afternoon in Krishna Nagar in Lucknow, a pit in an orchard close to Ramdas Kheda village was where the woman’s body was discovered.

According to reports, police revealed that the victim’s live-in partner, Harshit Shukla (22) and his parents, Prem Chand Shukla (60) and Madhuri Shukla (57), are among those detained.

Rajesh Srivastava, additional deputy commissioner of police (ADCP), Central, Lucknow, said that after determining the woman’s identification, the police began looking for Harshit, who had been living with her for the previous eight months, and eventually found him.

During the interrogation, Harshit admitted to the sops that he lived with the woman in a leased home while they were in a live-in relationship. After he had been with her for a while, she slowly began to demand money from him. He was worried by this, so he devised a strategy to get rid of her.

According to the police source, Harshit afterwards took the victim to his home in Krishna Nagar, where he strangled her to death.

According to authorities, the accused then kept the body at home for more than two days before disposing of it with the help of his parents.

“The parents were also involved in the crime. A case under section 376-D of the IPC for gang rape has been added to the FIR after discovering that there could be involvement of more than one person in the crime,” said the ADCP.