Life is an alias, Death is an alibi

There is no death but only a change of worlds’ – this status message of an enlightened soul lit up a train of thoughts. Is this indeed so? Does one really die? If not,why would we be called mortals ? Why do they say paying respect to ‘ mortal remains ‘? >> What is ‘ […]

There is no death but only a change of worlds’ – this status message of an enlightened soul lit up a train of thoughts.

Is this indeed so? Does one really die? If not,why would we be called mortals ? Why do they say paying respect to ‘ mortal remains ‘?
>> What is ‘ living hell ‘?
>> And if heaven is on earth,why do few seek heaven by performing few actions of philanthropy and certain others through barbaric acts?
>> Where does the concept of ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ arise from if not exiting from before the Abrahamanic scriptures?
>> Did not Abhimanyu exist who absorbed knowledge from the cosy comfort of his mother’s womb?
>> Why does all knowledge of life after ‘death’ arise from if the happenstance case studies of ‘rebirth’ where child prodigies or new-borns recall the places,people and events from an earlier ‘life on Earth’ ?
>> Is science modern or is the fountain of knowledge culled from ancient scriptures the real fountainhead of all our existential truth?
>> Where does one exist? In physical form? In one’s own mind? In another’s heart? Through progeny? Or,does never exist but passes through the tunnel of time and space?
>> If yes,indeed we do ‘live’ and we do ‘die’, what will matter is not material ‘belongings’ nor corporeal ‘beauty’ but innate nature and ‘strength of character’.
>> Here again arises the conundrum – ‘ who does one belong to? Is it to the parents or to the spouse or to the children and other relatives? Is it to the society at large or to oneself?’
>> What is the ‘self’? Is being selfless being selfish or is being selfish wisdom distilled over time as civilizations evolved to let mankind dub itself as the most advanced of species?
>> Is life ‘universal’ or is the ‘universe’ devoid of life but empty space fills it [ since the concept of ‘light years’ shows that whatever we get to see with the naked eye up above us in the sky so high is all so very old and is a blanket of stars of long ago time ] ..?
>> Whatever be the metaphysical truth and whichever dimension of thought one aligns with, the surreal truth remains that we all live only as long as we are breathing amidst the humdrum existence of rat-race claiming equality amongst unequal rules and circumstances.
>> Acceptance of this again drives us to discern the fact that soul is something which even artificial intelligence technology cannot fathom. This facet of scientific research has only now reached the stage of trying to programme the mindsets of human beings : it has not yet succeeded in preservation of brain and contents of brain of either wizards nor that of imbeciles. The day modern society achieves it,man can consider himself or herself to become ‘immortal’.
>> Soul is the key. It gets reflected seemingly through one’s behaviour and thoughts that get manifested via actions. It is invisible. It is immaterial,so to speak. Yet,it alone matters. Be it ‘life’ as a ‘person’ or the ‘death’ of a personality, the Soul lives on.
>> Thus is it said that one dies whenever the soul escapes the bodily form of an individual.
>> If it ‘escapes’, where does it go?
>> The soul which escapes from one material form to take ‘birth’ as another ‘living being’ or ‘newborn child’ forever seeks ‘ love’.
>> It is the simple,plain and eternal truth : love is nourishment for a healthy life.
>> Love itself is an invisible feeling which gets reflected and manifested in tiny acts of feeding a bird or caring for a beloved one. It is a continuous process actively seen in the giving birth to a child by a loving wife and raising of family by the responsible father. The act of love itself is life and food,water,shelter,clothing, make-up kits,face-masks,ornaments,bank balances,social titles are all paraphernalia which evaporate with the passage of time and carry no meaning excepting to create an environment of euphoria or a false sense of happiness.
>> To love is to live. To be loved is to be alive. To shower love and to be a doting parent is a feeling of bliss. To lead a life of riches or that of parsimony and minimalist way is definitely not the indicator of ‘bring alive after death’ nor does it guarantee a ‘life sans death’.
>> Nay,there is no change of worlds just as there is no death. Truth does not believe in words-play which is the mainstay of all worldly books of ‘religion’. Their discourse gets punctured on this very point. Who has seen ‘life after death’ and what guarantees that ‘life after death’ is going to be Shangri-La,the ‘pronised land of plentiful joys unlimited ‘?
>> World of Love beckons every human being who is alive and breathing today : do not ‘live’ on foodstuffs,on scented candles,on bohemian careless lifestyle,on gadgets and applications of virtual reality,on intoxicated thoughts of flesh and drugged slavery,on false pedestals of fake friendships. Instead, let your Soul who is the sole companion and witness to all happenings in your Life be heard and heeded. Good Conscience is the eye of the Soul. Eyes are the index of the mind. Soul thrives on Love and be lustful or beastly isn’t Love at all.
>> Death occurs day love is lost. Zest for life remains only so long as love exists.
>> Love has many forms ranging from compassion for all universe to besotted attention towards better-half or adoration for a supreme force called Almighty. Mother Nature loves one and all but do we all love her back? She would be glad if each one remained faithful to the spouse and familial nest of relationships. Unless this edict of #sanatanadharma is driven into the minds of the younger generation,we are a lost race being felled continuously by psuedos and psychopaths stalking the halls of fame and power. There is no change of worlds even after ‘death’ if one’s love clings on beyond death : Soul is Almighty. It is the ‘godhead’ in us all. We can lead an endless life if we remain true to our love for love’s sake and not for temporary appearances in a fragile,mortal world. Love is food for the Soul.
>> A note of caution however is that immoral ties destroy life and hasten death of the living soul. So,beware of the devilry of a possessed mind;set your eyes on the touchstone of Dharma. This is amply testified from the age of Abhimanyu to Abraham to this era of aliases and titular existence.
>> Life is an alias, Death is an alibi. what is ‘Dharma’ remains a topic for another day of introspection.