Leveling Up: Queensland’s Game-Changing Investment to Boost the Digital Games Industry


The gaming industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, both in terms of global revenue and cultural impact. Countries around the world have recognized the steady upward trend and have been proactive in seizing the opportunity to use it to propel their economies forward.

Australia is seizing the opportunity of the booming gaming industry, particularly in Queensland. The country has taken the lead by investing significantly in game development, positioning Queensland as the most cutting-edge hub for the digital gaming industry.

With the recognition of the industry’s potential for economic growth and technological innovation, the country’s government has taken decisive steps to cultivate a thriving gaming ecosystem.

As such, this article will explore the implications of such a decision and the potential effects it may have on various aspects of Aussie society.

$5 Million Boost for the Digital Games Sector

Recognizing the need to nurture local talent and provide robust support systems, the Palasszcuk Government is funding $2 million for Screen Queensland’s Digital Games Incentive (DGI), Games Grants and Games Residency program, while a further $3 million is being sourced internally by Screen Queensland.

With a $5 million commitment, the state will have the opportunity to fully embrace and leverage the economic, industrial, and employment advantages provided by Queensland’s booming digital games sector. The Queensland government made this decision based on the remarkable 11% increase in the number of full-time jobs created in the gaming sector, which can be attributed to the implementation of DGI and Games Grants.

Per Screen Queensland CEO Jacqui Feeney, the funding will support creative Queenslanders to develop digital role playing and casino games that intrigue and entertain fans across the globe bringing in benefits from a multi-billion dollar industry into the country while contributing to Queensland’s reputation as a leading hub for innovation and technical advancement.

Through the bolstered funding, Queensland is actually reshaping the gaming landscape to allow innovators to establish new online casinos and other state of the art game development hubs ensuring an all-encompassing ecosystem equipped with cutting-edge technology, industry mentorship, and networking opportunities.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Queensland’s drive to boost the digital games industry extends beyond funding efforts. The government has actively sought partnerships with industry leaders, educational institutions, and research organizations, forging strong alliances to support the growth of the sector.

One prime example is the collaboration between Queensland’s game development sector and local universities. Through innovative programs and courses tailored to game development, universities are producing a pipeline of skilled graduates ready to spearhead the industry’s growth. This collaborative approach not only equips aspiring game developers with the necessary skills and knowledge but also bridges the gap between academia and industry demands.

Furthermore, strategic partnerships with international game studios and publishers have opened up avenues for Queensland’s talent to reach global markets. By attracting big industry players to the state and encouraging joint ventures, Queensland is fostering an ecosystem that thrives on collaboration, knowledge sharing, and market access.

Economic Impact and Job Creation

The increased investment and focus on the digital games industry are expected to yield significant economic benefits for Queensland.

The sector has the potential to create a multitude of high-paying jobs, attract international investments, and bolster the local economy. As the global games market continues to grow, Queensland is positioning itself to capture a significant share of the industry’s economic benefits.

With the increased funding and the Digital Games Tax Offset passed in 2022, this will only further nurture the development of local game studios and start-ups allowing Queensland to create a self-sustaining cycle of economic growth.

The success of game studios will lead to job creation, products that resonate with global audiences, and increased revenue streams. The state’s investment in the gaming industry is not only an economic growth strategy but also a catalyst for technological advancement and creative expression.

The Road to Innovation and Technological Advancements

Queensland, Australia, is making significant strides in boosting its digital games industry through increased funding, strategic collaborations, and the establishment of specialized hubs.

By providing the necessary support systems, promoting collaboration, and attracting international investments, the country aims to create a thriving ecosystem that propels the growth of local game developers.

With a strong emphasis on talent development, Queensland is nurturing the next generation of game developers through partnerships with universities and industry leaders. This focus on skills training and knowledge sharing ensures that the state remains at the forefront of innovation and technological advancements within the gaming industry.

As Queensland continues its journey toward becoming a global gaming hub, the positive economic impact, job creation, and evolving technological landscape position the country at the forefront of the digital games industry.

With continued support and visionary initiatives, Queensland is well on its way to achieving its goal of being a magnet for talent, investment, and creative excellence in the gaming realm.