Legislator attends session with newborn, says ‘I’m a mother too’

Nagpur, Dec 19 (ANI): Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MLA Saroj Babulal Ahire arrives with her newborn baby to attend the first day of the Winter Session of the Maharashtra Assembly, at the State Assembly, in Nagpur on Monday. (ANI Photo)

NCP MLA Saroj Ahir on Monday attended the Maharashtra state assembly winter session in Nagpur with her newborn baby. 

The Nagpur winter session began on Monday and Ahire, the MLA from Deolali in Nasik attended the first session with her newborn. The NCP MLA delivered a baby on 30 September and was seen addressing the media briefing. The video of the politician and mother carrying her infant to the official meeting went viral. Videos showed the legislators greeting the newborn baby and taking selfies with the napping infant.

The NCP leader stressed the importance of attending the session and said, “I am a mother and a people’s representative. For the past two and half years due to corona pandemic, no assembly session has been held here in Nagpur. I am a mother now but to put my points and to raise questions, I have come here to get answers for my voters.” Ahir’s baby is two and a half months old. 

The NCP leader stressed on the importance of attending the session and mentioned that no assembly session was held in Nagpur for over two years.

The politician was accompanied by her husband Pravin Wagh and her mother-in-law to take care of the infant.

Ahire said news agency that there is no proper feeding room for women lawmakers. She said, “I feel the government should take note of this and make some arrangements so that legislators can bring their minor children”.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde publically praised Ahire for attending the session and also greeted the newborn.

He said, “Making laws as a representative of the people in the legislature and performing motherhood outside the legislature is certainly challenging. Performing both these responsibilities effectively is a unique honour of achievement”.