Legalising same-sex marriage will have devastating impact on society, says Former judges

On Wednesday, a group of former high court judges issued an open letter warning that legalizing same-sex marriage in India would be disastrous for society as a whole.

In a statement they said “We are a group of former Judges, the conscientious and concerned citizens of India, having been exasperated and agonised over the continuous onslaught against the basic tenets of Bharatiya marriage traditions and family system by vested interest groups, write to you to draw your kind attention towards one such issue — legalization of same-sex marriage.”

According to the letter, the issue is being considered by the Supreme Court and has gained momentum in the country recently after being referred to a Constitution Bench.

They further added, “The people of the nation, hailing from various strata of society across regional and religious lines, are deeply shocked by this western-tinted outlook that is being superimposed on Bharatiya society and culture to weaken the family system.”

According to the group of former judges, marriage and the family system in India are unique. They believe that legalising same-sex marriage will strike at the heart of the family system, having a devastating impact on society as a whole.

Unfortunately, certain well-informed interest groups, unaware of the civilisational significance of marriage, have petitioned the court to legalise same-sex marriage. The letter stated that any attempt to weaken a great and time-tested institution should be met with vehement opposition from society.

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