Lawyers go on 3-day strike in Gwalior against HC’s new policy on resolving cases


In opposition to the new Madhya Pradesh High Court rule for case resolutions in the Gwalior area starting on Thursday, a group of attorneys went on a three-day strike.

The Madhya Pradesh High Court allegedly ordered all of the state’s district courts to finish at least 25 open cases within three months, according to the lawyers who are protesting. But the advocates say that there cannot be a decision in any case in this quick time frame.

President of Madhya Pradesh State Advocates Council, Prem Singh Bhadauria said “The High Court has ordered that 25 cases should be resolved in three months which is not possible in the judicial process. We are protesting for the same. There are a total of 76901 pending cases in Gwalior.”
“Our demand is that people should get proper justice. Opportunity should be given to both the parties to get justice, so that the advocate and the judge should not work under any pressure. The High Court should withdraw the policy of 25 cases to be resolved in three months. As soon as the policy gets withdrawn, we will also call off our protest,” he added.

On Thursday, every lawyer from the high court to the tehsil level took part in the walkout. Over 1.5 lakh advocates are striking throughout the state. Bhadauria stated that there is room for talks and that the strike will last for another three days.

He added, “I am sure that the Judge will take the sentiments of advocates into consideration. If there is no settlement then a plan will be made for further course of action.”