Last but not least


A cat engaged in a pursuit with its own tail, creating a circular motion as it attempted to capture it. No matter how fast the cat dashed after its tail, the tail managed to outpace it. Eventually, the cat grew weary and went on its way. Much to his surprise, he noticed that the tail now appeared to be following him. Similar to the cat’s endeavour, many people tend to chase behind success, often failing to recognize that success is just like a tail – it’s an extension of themselves. If they were to direct their focus towards their work, success would naturally follow. Those who relentlessly chase success are in pursuit of the outcome, they neglect the essential process, much like seeking the fruit while ignoring the seed. Although this approach proves effective for some individuals who thrive on being focused, many find themselves entangled in anxiety rather than being able to enjoy the journey.  Most people are just looking for a shortcut to success without having to go through the process. They want to cut to the chase and “get hold of the tail”. Even within the world of spirituality, many people aspire to achieve wisdom or liberation, which are the ultimate outcomes of a spiritual journey. However, Gurbani provides step by step instructions to be able to reach that point. By mastering the art of embracing contentment in every aspect of life and by sticking to a righteous path, then the result you get will be wisdom or liberation. Go along your way to doing what is right, and the tail will follow. Live a righteous, content, positive and exhilarated life, the fruit or wisdom will appear. The journey lies in the steps, the completion lies in the details.