Landlord Kills Tenant; Chops & Dumps Body Parts In Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad police arrested a 35-year-old man for allegedly killing a 40-year-old Ph.D. scholar. The scholar Ankit Khokhar was a tenant in an accused Umesh Sharma’s house. The accused admitted that he strangled Ankit and chopped his body into 4 pieces with a saw. He then dropped all the body parts into various places like the Ganga canal in Ghaziabad and Muzaffarnagar and a forest near the eastern peripheral expressway in Dasna.

Umesh Sharma, a compounder in a hospital, claimed that he killed his tenant because he couldn’t afford to repay the 40 lakhs he had borrowed from him. Additionally, after seeing that Khokar had made almost 1 crore after selling his ancestral land, he took another 20 lakh from his account after killing Ankit.

According to the Ghaziabad DCP, “Ankit’s friends were upset as they were not able to contact him. He had recently submitted his Ph.D. and was preparing to go abroad. Their suspicion grew when Ankit stopped receiving phone calls and used only WhatsApp messages to communicate with them. They also pointed out that Ankit’s typing style was different. A missing complaint was filed later and an investigation was launched.”

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