‘Kulkarni’s family feud intensifies over barred entry into Dharwad’


The fight in Dharwad is not limited to the Assembly elections where women of the house are battling it out by turning the polls into a fight for justice.
Barred from entering Dharwad district, Congress candidate Vinay Kulkarni’s wife and daughter are going door-to-door to convince voters, while he himself camps on the periphery of the constituency to support his family pursuing his campaign through social media.
Being accused and out on bail in connection with the murder of Zila Panchayat member Yogeesh Gowda, Kulkarni is not allowed to enter Dharwad district as per a Supreme Court order. Though he tried to get a respite from this restriction, citing the elections, the High Court struck down his request recently. Kulkarni a former minister for Mines and Geology has won twice from this seat, once as an independent in 2004 and again on a Congress ticket 2013, while the BJP has won twice.
Speaking to the media, his wife Shivaleela said, “My husband is staying out of the constituency for almost three years now. When we lost the support of friends and relatives because of the case, I decided to stand up and spearhead the campaign all alone.