Kharge blames govt not letting Parliament function to avoid Adani issue

Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Thursday accused the government of instigating the Opposition and not letting Parliament function to avoid a discussion on the Adani issue and its “failures”. He also reiterated that there is no question of an apology over Rahul Gandhi’s remarks in the UK.
Gandhi’s remarks during his recent trip to the United Kingdom have rocked Parliament, with both Houses failing to transact any significant business on the first three days of the Budget session’s second half.
“Is there untouchability or not, it is there, so if someone goes abroad that person will talk about it…likewise democracy is being trampled upon, we were demonstrating peacefully yesterday, who stopped us? They put women constables in the front to try and stop us,” Kharge alleged.
The Congress along with several other opposition parties had taken out a protest march from Parliament House to hand over a complaint to the Enforcement Directorate on the Adani issue on Wednesday. However, they were stopped by the police at Vijay Chowk here.
The government’s intention is to avoid the Adani issue, so that it is not discussed, and their “failures” are not discussed in Parliament, the Congress president told reporters ahead of the start of parliamentary proceedings in the morning.
“Have you ever heard that ruling party people are stalling proceedings daily, they get up first and start saying ‘maafi maango’, ‘maafi maango’ (apologise), what is this. The government is instigating and they preach about democracy to others,” he said.

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