Kerela: Four-year-boy killed over business feud

In Kerala’s Wayanad district, a four-year-old boy lost his life after being attacked by the father’s business partner. On Friday, while the toddler Adi Dev and his mother were travelling to an Anganwadi centre, the event occurred in Meppadi. According to a news source, Jithesh, a 45-year-old male, has been detained by police.

Police said that the suspect used a sharp object to viciously attack the mother and the child. Adi Dev was taken to the hospital for treatment after suffering injuries near his left ear and head. He was transferred to the government medical college in Kozhikode, though, as his condition deteriorated. But he passed away early on Saturday. The woman’s condition is stable.

According to accounts, the man harboured resentment toward the victim’s family due to some business dealings with the victim’s father, Jayaprakash. When the mother-and-son team was attacked in broad daylight, neighbours heard their screams and went to assist them.

“We suspect that there were some business-related disputes between the child’s father, Jayaprakash, and the accused, Jithesh. It might have led to the cruel act. It can be confirmed only after detailed interrogation,” a police officer said.

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