Kerala: Missing woman’s body recovered from waste disposal pit in Malappuram

Kerala Police

Authorities revealed on Wednesday that the body of a 35-year-old woman who went missing earlier this month was recovered from a garbage disposal hole in a house compound in Kerala’s Malappuram.

According to police, a missing person complaint was filed on August 11, the same day of the murder. During the investigation, authorities stated that “a big conspiracy hatched to carry out the murder” came to light.

“Her body was found inside the house of a man named Vishnu who was working at a panchayat office in the same building where the victim also worked,” said Sujith Das, Superintendent of Police, Malappuram.

The accused and the victim were known to each other. “The motive behind the murder is not clear,” the Malappuram SP said.

“During our probe, we checked the call details of the suspect. The accused Vishnu was put under scanner after it was revealed that the accused had recently mortgaged some jewelry, the police official said.

The accused was arrested and, after extensive questioning, confessed to the crime, acknowledging the involvement of his two brothers and one of their acquaintances. “His father knew about the crime. After murdering her, they stole her jewelry. It was all done on the morning of August 11,” Malappuram SP said.

“They dumped the body in a waste disposal pit in the compound of the house of accused Vishnu at night. To erase the evidence and to prevent a foul smell from emanating, they topped the pit with metals and bricks,” the police official said.