Kerala HC for music teachers in schools, says music key in child development

Kerala High Court recommended the State Government consider sanctioning posts of regular music teachers in all schools, at least in the primary section. Court also said that it shall be irrespective of the student’s strength or number of periods.
The Single Bench of Justice P.V. Kunhikrishnan observed, “currently, the post of music teacher is sanctioned based on the number of students in a school, number of periods etc. If the strength of students in one school is less, then the post of music teacher will not be sanctioned in that school.”
“This in reality is discrimination against the student community because if a student is studying in a school where there is less number of students they will not get the help of a music teacher when compared to the students of another school where there is a post of Music teacher solely because the number of students in that school is high,” the bench stated.
The bench further stated, “What sin is committed by a student for denying Music solely because he/she is studying in a school with less than the required number of students? The student’s strength or number of periods in a school ought not to have been criteria for sanctioning at least for the post of a Music teacher.”
“Similarly, additional financial liability to the state also should not be a reason for not sanctioning the post of music teachers in schools because the future of this nation is in the hands of the children,” the bench added.
The bench further added that the court will not issue any specific direction to sanction the post of music teacher in all schools by invoking the powers under Article 226 of the Constitution. But the government should think about it seriously.
“I am sure that the government will rise to the occasion because the happiness and development of the mental health of every child are important in a welfare state,” the bench stated.
The Court further observed that “studies show that, Music has got serious importance in child development. Music develops language skills as song lyrics are rooted in various languages. Music can affect the emotions of the child. Singing, dancing, clapping etc. in a classroom will definitely improve the self-confidence of a child. It will encourage teamwork. Therefore, the Government should seriously think about the sanctioning of regular Music teachers’ posts in all schools, at least in the primary section, irrespective of the student’s strength or number of periods.”
This recommendation came while the Court was considering a petition by a Music Teacher, R Helan Thilakom who is seeking a full-time post after completing five years in the part-time post. The petitioner was represented by Advocate N James Koshy and advocate KM Faisal appeared for the respondents.

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