Kerala gold smuggling case accused Swapna Suresh has alleged that state Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan sought help from the visiting Sharjah ruler in September 2017 for his daughter’s bid to open an IT business in the emirate.Suresh made this claim in an affidavit filed before the Ernakulam District Sessions Court which came out in the public domain on Wednesday. Responding to Vijayan’s claim that he doesn’t know her, Suresh said she will remind the CM of her presence at his official residence very soon through the media.

In the affidavit, which she filed in the Ernakulam District Sessions Court, she alleged that the Sharjah ruler held a discussion with Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and his family. She also revealed that CM’s daughter Veena Vijayan has expressed interest in starting an IT venture in Sharjah. She further said to media persons on Wednesday, “In 2017, the ruler of Sharjah visited Cliff House (official residence of the CM) during his visit to Kerala. During the meeting with the Chief Minister, his family informed the ruler of Sharjah of a business interest. Chief Minister’s daughter Veena Vijayan has expressed interest in starting an IT venture in Sharjah. But the project was abandoned following some dissents from Sharjah. I came to Cliff House to teach the Chief Minister’s family the steps and communication required when the ruler of Sharjah arrives. CM’s family had requested a private meeting in addition to the official meeting and had arranged for it. Nalini Netto IAS (former Chief Secretary) and M Sivasankar (former principal secretary to CMO) were also present at the meeting held at Cliff House.”

“The Consul General and the Chief Minister had close ties. Based on this, biryani vessels went from the Consul General’s house to the Chief Minister’s residence. These biryani vessels arrived at Cliff House under the consul general’s Mitsubishi contract. The vessels, which are larger than usual, is wrapped in foil paper so it is not clear to the carrier what is in it. The vessel was held by four people,” she said.

She added, “Sivasankar led the way in bringing the biryani vessels to Cliff House without any clearances. The Consul General was upset until it arrived.”Swapna Suresh, in her affidavit filed in 2021 before the Customs, had given all this information with regards to Vijayan and his family members’ involvement in the gold smuggling case.

Former Leader of Opposition and veteran Congress legislator Ramesh Chennithala days ago said the revelations are just the tip of the iceberg. Meanwhile, senior BJP leader Shoba Surendran demanded that the central agencies question the Chief Minister and his family in connection with the gold smuggling case.