WASHINGTON: American singer-songwriter Katy Perry who is engaged to English actor Orlando Bloom recently opened up about her relationship with Bloom’s ex-wife and supermodel Miranda Kerr.

According to Fox News, the 36-year-old pop star has an infant daughter, Daisy, with Bloom, while Kerr shares her 10-year-old son, Flynn, with the actor. The ‘Roar’ songstress and Kerr spoke on Instagram live Tuesday about their blended family. “One of the great things about being close to Miranda is I get to try out all her products, especially when her son [Flynn] comes home with them in his backpack,” Perry said while helping Kerr promote her KORA Organics skincare line. The 37-year-old model said, “The kids are my number one love. it is just the best thing in the world, being a mom.” Perry agreed, “it is the best job. it is the most fulfilling. There was no feeling like the feeling when i had my daughter. That was like all the love i was ever searching for, like, bam!”

During the virtual conversation between the two, the ‘Dark Horse’ songstress described how she used to feel fulfilled in her career by performing but says motherhood has changed her perspective on life. “The love from your children is unconditional and isn’t based on what you have, what you do not have, what career, what product and that’s definitely made me feel so full to know that there’s this unwavering and unconditional love,” she described. Perry continued, “i am so glad i made the conscious decision to actually try and do that because i did not want to miss out on that opportunity. it has been the best thing.”