Kashmiri Pandit in Europe terms ‘The Kashmir Files’ realistic portrayal of ignored history


European Kashmiri Pandit Community has announced the screening of the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ in Netherlands’s The Hague this Friday, asserting that the movie is a “realistic portrayal of ignored history”.

The film will be screened with writer/director and producer at Pathe Buitenhof 20 in The Hague at 3:30 (local time), according to a press release issued by the community. “The – already controversial – film ‘The Kashmir Files’, which will be shown on Friday 17 June in Pathe Buitenhof 20 in The Hague, does provide a realistic picture of what happened on 19 January 1990 when the genocide in Kashmir took place,” the statement read.

“We, Kashmiri Pandits, have a rich and unique culture rooted in a sophisticated philosophy, namely ‘Kashmiri Shaivism’. Kashmiri Pandits have a written history of over 3000 years; unique musical genres and instruments; language (Kashmiri) with its own script (Sharda) and an extensive collection of historical and early modern literature,” it read further.

“The film will also be screened in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom in the coming months. In the latter country, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has invited the two makers of the film to tell their story in the British Parliament. Various Muslim organisations oppose the film screenings in the different countries, including the Scottish Muslim Council in the United Kingdom,” the statement added further.

‘The Kashmir Files,’ on the life of Kashmiri pandits during the 1990 Kashmir insurgency, is based on first-generation video interviews of victims of the Kashmiri massacre, making an account of their pain, suffering, struggle and trauma.