Kashmir girls practice amidst heavy snowfall due to lack of facilities

Amidst the heavy snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir over the last few days, several girls from far-flung areas were seen practising martial arts in capped grounds of Beerwah area of Budgam district. With love for Kashmir in their mind these girls have been practicing barefoot in the snow. According to Ayesha Zuhoor, a student of the sports academy they want to practice their game but lack the facilities for indoor practice due to which they have to practice outsooe since they dream to become an Olympic player. Speaking about the steps being taught, she said:

“Here we are taught steps for our self-defense. I want to request all girls to play this game as it will keep them away from drug addiction.”

The girls at the academy say that they want to prove that not only boys, but girls too can play such game. According to Sayeed Sujha Shah, the trainer of the academy the girls have a lot of zeal and stamina that even with the heavy snowfall the girls said that they want to practice in the snow and don’t want to be left behind. He also said that the snow is very cold and it is very difficult to practice bare footed in the snow but they are teaching the girls steps to defend themselves even in the snow. Moreover he requested the government to build adequate facilities for the girls and focus on making them good athletes so that they are able to achieve their dreams. “Meanwhile the academy will continue with the practice” said Shah

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