Karnataka to revise school textbooks this year, says Minister

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Karnataka Primary and Secondary Education Minister Madhu Bangarappa on Thursday said that school textbooks in the state will be revised this year.
He said experts would revise textbooks this year to keep in check what should be there in the books and what not. A similar decision will be made in the cabinet. Initially, the Minister said there will be Setu Bandha project which will help in teaching lessons that the students have missed due to no-attending of physical classes.
“The experts will also decide what should be there in a textbook and what should be removed. Moreover. there has been an additional revision in the past as well,” Bangarappa said.
“We had said in the manifesto that we will revise the textbook and we will do it”, he added. The minister further said that the actions will be taken in the interest of the children.
The Chief Minister himself has taken special care in this matter and said that it is a matter of happiness, he said.
Furthermore, Bangarappa said that the experts are not limited to parties. Their advice will be considered and misunderstandings should be stopped immediately.
While discussing the recruitment situation in Bengaluru, Bangarappa told the sources, “There are two problems in recruiting teachers. There is a legal problem that will be discussed by the Attorney General. Second, there is a shortage of teachers and guest teachers are not the solution to the problem. So it will be resolved as soon as possible.”