“Karnataka never needed narcissists’ blessings to prosper”: Congress MLA criticises JP Nadda

Karnataka Congress MLA Priyank Kharge lashed out at BJP chief JP Nadda on Thursday for saying “Karnataka should not be devoid of Modi Ji’s blessings” and claiming they never required “Narcissist’s blessings” to develop.

“To whom do you believe you are speaking?” We are Kannadigas, and we never needed the favour of a narcissist to succeed. Does the BJP enjoy insulting the people of Karnataka so much? The Congressman asked in a tweet, “Prime Minister & BJP think that the entire nation was built only after 2014?” Do you believe that before Modi became prime minister, Kannadigas lived in the Stone Age? We lacked a language, a functioning culture, as well as access to food, clothing, housing, and electricity. There were no roads, drains, schools, universities, or dams. Were we all jobless?”

Congress MLA further said, “He has become so blinded by devotion to their masters that they have forgotten what it is to be a Kannadiga & our contribution to the nation.” “JP Nadda Ji Kannada has over 3000 years of written history & has the highest number of Jnanpith literary awards.”

He further stated, “Karnataka is an education hub where people from even your state come to study.” “We have built institutions like IISc, CV Raman Institute, DRDO, NIMHANS, National Tuberculosis Centre, University of Agricultural Science and many other research and development institutions.”

“We also house more than 400 of the top Fortune 500 Cos & their R&D Centers. “Seven of India’s banks, Canara Bank, Syndicate Bank, Corporation Bank, Vijaya Bank, Karnataka Bank, State Bank of Mysore, and Vysya Bank, started here,” JP Nadda added.

He further added, “Even before Modi ji blessed us with Make in India, we built ITI, BEL, HMT, BHEL, Mangalore Refinery, Mysore Lamps, and other major and small scale industries.

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