Kangana Ranaut On Women Reservation Bill

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who was invited to the Parliament building in New Delhi on September 19, shared her views on the Women Reservation Bill.

The talented actress said, “It is a historic day for the nation and the women of the nation. It was the first session of the new parliament and the entire session was dedicated to women empowerment and upliftment of women. It is such an honourable thing to happen for the entire humanity. All credit goes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji. He has done a lot since he started his role as the PM. We also see women in more active roles like army and the Air Force. In fact in my upcoming film, Tejas, I am playing an Air Force pilot as well. So I think this is a new age that we are getting into.”

Further, she added, “How difficult it is for women to make a career in politics, which is so male-dominated. It is completely based on networking. Given all the cultures that women come from, it is so difficult for them to step out for work. They get bullied, molested and all kinds of eve-teasing. We definitely need reservations for women in careers like politics.”

Kangana concluded, “It’s spectacular, beautiful and gorgeous. It is with this image that we want the world to see Bharat as its enormous power and the leading light of the world. It suits the image that Bharat deserves in the world.”

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