Kamal Nath’s last ray of hope in Cong is his son’s victory

Veteran Congress leader Kamal Nath seems to have been isolated in the last phase of his political career. Madhya Pradesh’s former Chief Minister and nine-time MP Kamal Nath worked with three generations of the Gandhis. He always stood by Congress through its thick and thin and until last year where he was considered as one […]

Kamal Nath
Kamal Nath

Veteran Congress leader Kamal Nath seems to have been isolated in the last phase of his political career.

Madhya Pradesh’s former Chief Minister and nine-time MP Kamal Nath worked with three generations of the Gandhis. He always stood by Congress through its thick and thin and until last year where he was considered as one of the influential leaders.

Kamal Nath was supposed to have close association with Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and his suggestions were valued. Despite his unwavering loyalty to the Congress, Kamal Nath now finds himself aloof and isolated.

Previously, Kamal Nath had close ties with Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, with his advises and suggestions being highly valued. However, his current standing contrasts starkly with the admiration he commanded just last year.

Things changed so drastically for Kamal Nath that he had also made up his mind to leave Congress in February this year. Significantly, the leaders in his own party whom Kamal Nath relied on the most trapped him in a difficult situation, leaving him stuck between the Congress and the BJP. If Kamal Nath had trusted Jyotiraditya Scindia more in 2020, things wouldn’t be so bad for him now. Presently, he finds himself isolated within the party, with Digvijay Singh and his allies having complete control.

Previously, Kamal Nath held a position where he could directly engage with Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, influencing decisions according to their preferences. While he advocated for the retention of former Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh ahead of elections, his advice was disregarded. Conversely, in the case of Sachin Pilot, his suggestions were heeded. Kamal Nath’s intervention was instrumental in keeping Sachin Pilot within the Congress fold. Sources within the party reveal that when Sachin Pilot staged a protest march from Ajmer to Jaipur last year, highlighting corruption issues, the party contemplated expelling him based on the recommendations of state in-charge party general secretary, Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa. However, Kamal Nath intervened, preventing the party from taking action against Pilot.

During that period, the Gandhi family placed considerable trust in Kamal Nath’s ability to secure victory for the Congress in Madhya Pradesh, with Rahul Gandhi himself expressing confidence in securing 150 to 155 seats under Kamal Nath’s leadership.

As the assembly elections drew near, there was a sense of assurance within the Congress camp regarding victory in various states, leading to a focus on departmental allocations, causing unnecessary turmoil. Meanwhile, Kamal Nath, who had been closely associated with the Gandhi family, became increasingly disoriented as the elections approached. He became so carried away with the anticipation of victory that he departed for abroad, leaving matters unsettled. Consequently, even before the elections, internal discord erupted among leaders vying for control over different departments.

During the assembly elections, Congress had high hopes and expectations from Madhya Pradesh, while Chhattisgarh was second on the list as Bhupesh Baghel was seen standing with Priyanka Gandhi in Uttar Pradesh and Himachal. While all the eminent leaders of the party in Delhi had given up on Rajasthan and declared that Rajasthan would not be able to make it.

With time, the tide turned so strongly against him that the entire party, without exception, held Kamal Nath responsible for the devastating loss in the assembly elections. Even the Gandhi family, with whom he once shared a close bond, reportedly voiced significant criticism following the defeat. Financial concerns also surfaced as a contributing factor. When the situation became dire and stressful for Kamal Nath made up his mind to leave congress party with his supporters in February this year leading to more distress. The manner in which a party spokesperson launched an attack on Kamal Nath made it evident that the high command was extremely upset with him. Indeed, experts suggest that decisions had already been made.

However, the sudden resurgence of the issue of the 1984 riots and the absence of as many MLAs as desired by the BJP complicated the matters. This prompted concern within the Gandhi family, as they felt that Kamal Nath’s departure before the Lok Sabha elections would send the wrong message.

Indira Gandhi, who regarded Kamal Nath as her third son. He was close to Sanjay Gandhi and was his favourite. Kamal Nath is the only leader who had specially put Sanjay Gandhi’s photo in his party office after becoming the state president. Despite initial tensions, discussions with the Gandhi family helped ease the situation. Yet, following rumors of Kamal Nath’s potential departure from the party, state Congress leaders prepared themselves to launch an attack.

While Kamal Nath ultimately stayed with the Congress, the dynamics shifted significantly. The situation has now deteriorated to the point where the family is now solely focused on securing victory for his son Nukul in Chhindwara, a traditionally strong seat. Many of Kamal Nath’s supporters have joined the BJP, including former MLAs and workers, with even his closest aide, Syed Jafar, who was in charge of media, is leaving the party to join BJP.

Dozens of supporters have followed suit. Chief Minister Mohan Yadav’s recent visit has further accelerated the Congress’s decline in Chhindwara. Presently, Kamal Nath finds himself standing alone at a crossroads, with the success of his son Nukul in Chhindwara being the only viable path forward. Failure to achieve this could jeopardize the political legacy he has worked hard to build. That’s the only hope which might help Kamal Nath to sustain and maintain his long built edifice in the Congress.

The entire Gandhi family talked to him. And somehow the matter was cooled down. But after the news of Kamal Nath leaving the party, the state Congress leaders had made full preparations to attack him. Kamal Nath may not have left Congress, but things are no longer the same as before. The situation has become so bad that the family is struggling alone for his son Nukul Nath on a seat considered strong like Chhindwara. His supporters are leaving the party in large numbers and joining BJP. Present, former MLAs supporting him along with the workers. Joining BJP.

Chhindwara Mayor Vikram Ahake also joined BJP last Monday. The most surprising decision was that Kamal Nath’s closest aide Syed Jafar, who was in charge of media, leaving the party and joining BJP. Matter of numbers Dozens of supporters joined BJP. After a visit by Chief Minister Mohan Yadav, the process of disintegration of Congress continues in Chhindwara. Today Kamal Nath is standing alone at the crossroads where there is only one way left for him and that is Make sure your son Nukul wins in Chhindwara, otherwise the pride with which politics is lived will be completely opposite.