Kamal Nath condemns attacks,urges Congress unity for worker safety


Kamal Nath urged Congress workers to step forward for each other’s safety concerning Raghogarh and Ater Assembly constituency, targeting the administration. He allegedly accused BJP candidates Arvind Bhadoria and Gopal Bhargav of distributing money and liquor to voters on the eve of the state assembly elections. Nath appealed to his party workers to come together. While warning the officials, he stated that everyone would be held accountable. The Congress President Kamal Nath made serious accusations against the government administration, urging Congress workers to ensure each other’s safety. He tweeted mentioning Raghogarh and Ater Vidhan Sabha that goons had set fire to the house of Shri Keshav Jatav, a booth agent of the Congress party in Ater Assembly constituency, Bhind district. He allegedly blamed BJP candidate Arvind Singh Bhadoria for vandalism. Nath wrote that despite the Congress worker being victimized, the police hadn’t taken appropriate action yet to ensure their safety. It appears that Congress workers in various regions of the state are being targeted selectively, with the police administration playing a passive role.
Assault on a female candidate
In Another tweet, Nath carried out attack on Jyoti Patel, a Congress candidate from Raghogarh Vidhan Sabha, Sagar district. Her vehicles were stoned and damaged. The assailants openly brandished pistols. Patel released a video stating that if she were to be harmed, BJP candidate Gopal Bhargav would be responsible. There is a visible open attack on a female candidate, yet the police have taken no action to ensure her security or apprehend the attackers. The police and administration remain silent spectators. It seems that some officials working under BJP’s protection are targeting Congress workers selectively. Nath further stated in his tweet that he warns the administration in Sagar to provide full security to the Congress candidate immediately and take swift action against the attackers.
Appeal to the workers
Nath wrote that he also wanted to convey to Congress workers in Sagar district that they are not alone in this struggle. He excerpts ‘The entire Congress party stands with them. We all need to come together and confront this injustice. It is the desperation of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which is resorting to violence. However, Congress workers are not afraid of such acts hooliganism and will respond reasonably. Those officials who are working under the protection of the administration and engaging in hooliganism will soon face the wrath of the law. ‘
Kamal Nath’s appeal
In his tweet, Kamal Nath highlighted that the alliance between the ruling party and administration is increasingly detrimental to democracy in Madhya Pradesh, endangering the safety of ordinary citizens. Just a few days before the polling, Kamal Nath had cautioned district officials and police authorities that they would be held accountable if found biased. The tone of his tweets indicates his confidence in Congress securing a majority in Madhya Pradesh.