Journey of self-discovery

Astute in his beliefs, surreal in his inspirations and spiritual in his art, celebrated artist Jai Khanna presents his solo exhibition with Art Magnum. Curated by Promila Bahri, the show is titled
The artist’s works take you to an inward trail of enlightenment as he invites you to take a deep dive into your heart. Jai Khanna’s solo exhibition “The Inward Trails” is a journey of self-discovery. It is a result of his personal calling, which drew him to the peaceful, perfect realm of life. His experiments with Jainism and its message of looking at life from a simple vantage of live and let live (Ahimsa), stemmed from an unflinching belief in a higher self or soul, that is endowed with the properties of, Siddha, or complete, Buddha, or perfect, Mukti, or liberated Self.
The tranquil demeanor of the Tirthankaras in his works, inspired to unveil these properties in yourself. On doing so we inch closer to answering the question of “Who Am I?” In this solo show, Jai celebrates Jainism which is steered by the firm belief of being a Jain. And his deep, spiritual connection with it can be seen emerging in several cameos that touch your soul.
Shares the artist, “I paint what I vision in my dreams. My art emerges from dreams that take me through deep jungles and high mountains where reside my gurus. These surreal trysts compel me to link nature with faith.”
“In Jai Khanna’s art, I saw a deep depiction of forests full of trees, hillocks, flora and fauna that seem to kiss the feet of his Gods. Large canvasses in which the playful Lord Krishna in his intense Shrinathji avatar is seen perched on a dark Govardhan; the much revered Mahavir Swami emerges in his Pitamber form, surrounded by thick foliage rendered in brushes of dull gold; where Parashvanathji is seen in a recurring cameo just as Jai had seen him in his dreams. It is almost as if through his art he takes us to an ‘inward trail’ that pierces through the eyes and hits the heart, settling down deep within the soul,” shares the curator, Promila Bahri.
The serpent hood, on Tirthankara Parsvanatha, depicted by the artist also confirms this perfect state of the soul. This symbolism denotes the power and strength of the soul in the face of calamity, termed “Upsarg” in Jain philosophy. It also destroys the myth about the interdependence of the soul and karma.
“For me, Jai is a spiritual seeker whose art compels you to question your existence. An answer to which is provided in his art itself,” shares Saurabh Singhvi, Director, Art Magnum.
For the believer, Jai Khanna’s solo show offers a chance to follow your own inner trail. For an aesthetics seeker, it is a show that celebrates the beauty of perfection. A visual treat where not even a leaf is seen out of place.
In conclusion, Jai Khanna and Promila Jain Bahri’s collaboration is an excellent example of how art and spirituality can come together to create something truly special. Their exhibition “Inward Trail” is a unique opportunity to experience the world of Jai Khanna and connect with one’s inner self.

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