Jonah Engler’s Anger Management Tips for Adults

Anger is a natural emotion that we all feel and even express at certain times in our lives, but it becomes a problem when you express it very frequently and cannot control yourself during it. Many situations can make a person angry, and everybody has different triggers for it. But along with this, everyone has a different way of reacting to these situations and expressing their anger. And while expressing your emotions and showing your anger at a decent level is not something wrong – it is problematic when you don’t know the right way of expressing it. 

Like we said, expressing emotions is healthy, but we have always seen people lose control of their emotions – especially anger. And this does not only become a problem for them but also for those surrounding them. This is why, for people who cannot do it naturally, it is essential to learn to have control over their emotions. And this is how we come to anger management. 

Many people with an anger problem spend their entire life without proper control over it. However, over time, people have come up with various techniques, tips, and strategies that can help people control anger. This is commonly referred to as anger management. So without further ado, here are 2 very useful tips by Jonah Engler that can help you manage anger.

Jonah Engler’s Tips to Manage Anger 

  1. Channel your Anger Somewhere Productive

One best way to let your anger out and utilize your energy is to do something good and useful where you can channel your anger. You can pick up healthy hobbies and start practicing sports that allow you to let your aggression out. 

John Doe says channeling anger somewhere productive is not only great for controlling anger and managing aggression, but it actually makes you much better than the other people doing the same activities. This is why most people with an anger problem pick up different sports and activities such as boxing and weightlifting – anything that can give them a healthy adrenaline rush.

  1. Learn to Engage in Healthy Conversations 

Most often than not, people with an anger issue end up in a problematic situation after getting into a heated conversation. This is because they cannot keep themselves calm and composed while talking to others. Other people mostly don’t even know what triggers them, but their reactions land them in a worse situation. 

This is why it is important to learn to hold a good and healthy conversation with another person before anything else. Once you know how to talk efficiently, you will be able to keep yourself calm and patient around other people. According to Jonah Engler, one technique for this is to engage in healthy self-talk. When you talk to yourself, you can criticize yourself without the fear of anyone judging you; that’s the time when you should scold yourself and correct yourself. Talking to yourself will also show you what someone on the other side of the conversation feels and how you should react to it. 

Jonah Engler: Tackle Your Anger 

Managing anger is really important to be able to move ahead in life – it can help you build healthy bonds, step forward in your profession and become a better person in other people’s eyes. For this, you can use the two effective tips mentioned – however, if you feel the problem is going out of your control, there is no harm in seeking professional help as well.  

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