JNU issues new rules; Rs 20000 for dharnas, admission cancellation for violence

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has issued a new set of rules to regulate and enforce discipline among students and employees of the university.

The ‘Rules of Discipline and proper conduct of students of JNU’ states that students can be fined up to Rs 20,000 for holding dharnas, and have their admission cancelled or be fined up to Rs 30,000 if they hold gheraos or are accused of violence.

The 10-page ‘Rules of Discipline and proper conduct of students of JNU’ states, “all acts of violence and all forms of coercion such as gheraos, sit-ins or any variation of the same which disrupt the normal academic and administrative functioning of the University and or any act which incites or leads to violence; lead to cancellation of admission or withdrawal of degree or denial of registration for a specified period, Rustication upto four semesters and/or declaring any part or the entire JNU campus out of bounds, Expulsion, a fine of upto Rs 30,000 and one/two semesters eviction from the hostel.”

“Hunger strikes, dharnas, group bargaining and any other form of protest by blocking entrance or exit of any of the academic and/or administrative complexes or disrupting the movements of any member of the University community can lead to fine up to Rs 20,000,” it adds.

These Rules are applicable to all students of the University (including part-time students) whether admitted prior to the commencement of these Rules or after the commencement of these rules.

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