J&K: Srinagar Blanketed in Dense Fog for the Third Day Straight


Srinagar city in Jammu and Kashmir grappled with dense fog for the third consecutive day on Monday, impacting visibility and causing disruptions in daily life. The local weather department indicated a likelihood of rain and snow at scattered places from November 27 to 30.

The prolonged fog has posed challenges for school buses and other vehicles navigating through the harsh winter conditions. Tourists and residents alike have expressed concerns about the dense fog, particularly during the early hours of the morning. Floodlights have been deployed to assist traffic movement, but the situation may change with potential rainfall.

Hitesh, a tourist from Ahmedabad, emphasized the limited visibility, stating that fog is so dense that one can’t see beyond 50 feet. He also noted that the onset of winter is accompanied by a drop in temperature. The Meteorological Centre in Srinagar had previously forecast generally dry weather until November 26, with occasional cloudy skies from November 18 to 25.

A local resident remarked on the challenges of walking in such conditions, highlighting the cold and reduced visibility. Fog, characterized by the condensation of tiny water droplets forming a thick cloud near the land or sea, can significantly impact transportation and daily activities. The weather department’s alert for possible rain and snow adds an additional element to the region’s meteorological dynamics.