J&K: CRPF trains Village Defence Guards in Rajouri with special weapons

Village Defence Guards (VDG) received special weapon training from the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and the Jammu and Kashmir Police at Kalakote in Rajouri, Jammu and Kashmir.
During a special drive by the CRPF and Jammu and Kashmir police, more than 300 members, both old and new were trained in Kalakote. A special drive was held in villages throughout the Kalakote subdivision including Tatapani, Broh, Sialsui, Potha, and Solki. “Previously, conditions became severe here and locals were terrified and relocated to a new location. VDG is being trained, which is a good initiative. I urge members to participate in the training and protect themselves. We were taught how to keep the weapons and how to use them during the training, and we are no longer afraid. I request that more members come and receive training and learn how to defend themselves so that we can fight ourselves in the future,” said Manshad Ali, a VDG member.
The CRPF took this initiative, providing us with training and cleaning the area and told,”We want them to come to every village and train us, as well as our sisters and wives so that our nation can be protected; we are Hindus, and we are ready to fight alongside our forces to protect our country,” according to Gulzar Ahmed, another VDG member.
Earlier, on 10 January, the CRPF and the Jammu and Kashmir police trained village defence guards in the Rajouri District’s Kandi area. The training was provided following the January 1 attack on civilians in the district.
The training was provided so that VDG could serve as the first line of defense in the event of a terrorist attack.

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