Jind police launch probe as Abhay Chautala receives threats


Former Haryana Chief Minister OP Chautala’s MLA son Abhay Chautala—who is the Principal General Secretary of the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD)—has received death threats. The threatening call reportedly came to his personal secretary. After this call from a foreign number, Chautala’s office registered a complaint with the police. State police have, in Jind Sadar police station, registered a case against an unknown person who threatened the legislator.
At the same time, in light of the threatening call, Abhay Chautala’s security detail has been ramped up. An additional police vehicle has been deployed with the MLA’s entoutage. Chautala, however, has said that he is “not afraid” of such threats and neither does he care about it.
Ramesh Godara, a resident of Panniwala Mota village in Sirsa, told the Jind police in his complaint identified himself as MLA Abhay Chautala’s personal secretary. INLD General Secretary Abhay Chautala has been leading a Parivartan Yatra across the state of Haryana. On 18 July, the INLD’s march reached close to the Lalit Kheda village in Jind. At around 9 pm, Godara said he received a call on his mobile phone from an unknown foreign number. The caller threatened to kill him and Abhay Singh Chautala. In an audio recording submitted to the Jind police, the caller also threatened Abhay Chautala to “stop his rhetoric” or face the consequences.
According to Jind’s Deputy Superintendent of Police, Ravi Khundia, Ramesh Godara, the personal secretary of INLD Chief General Secretary Abhay Singh Chautala, had registered the complaint at the Jind station. Godara, he added, was getting repeated WhatsApp calls from foreign numbers. It was also revealed that Godara has not answered this latest call, following which an audio recording message was sent to his WhatsApp from a foreign number. The individual who presumably made the call then proceeds to threaten both Chautala and his secretary. DSP Khundia has said that the police has launched an investigation into the calls/
Police officers have taken information related to the number used to threaten the INLD worker and are in the process of identifying the miscreant caller. Due to the matter being related to the MLA of an influential political family in the state, the police are seriously engaged in the investigation of the whole matter.
After the threat call, Abhay Chautala said that someone must have been scared of INLD’s Parivartan Yatra, which is why he was threatened. However, the MLA said that has no disputes with anyone. The caller, he added, must have called him in an attempt to distract him from his Pad Yatra. Abhay Singh Chautala also said that INLD is moving forward with strength and addressed his party’s key talking points. The youth, he said, do not have faith in the government and so they are being forced to sell their land and go to foreign countries. Chautala has promised that if INLD comes to power in Haryana, he will work to give the state’ youth employment and security.