Jaishankar on India’s G20 presidency: Many folks were surprised, how India got everybody together

The manner in which India brought everyone together astonished a lot of people: India's G20 presidency, according to Jaishankar


External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar stated that many people were shocked when India was able to bring everyone together, referring to the entire consensus attained by the New Delhi Declaration.
Notably, all 83 paragraphs of the New Delhi Declaration, which was adopted at the conclusion of the G20 Summit, had unanimous support from all member countries.

This was one of the major accomplishments of India’s president because it brought all Western nations, China, Russia, and other emerging nations together on the same page on every topic, even a contentious one like the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
Jaishankar remarked, “On the G20 Summit, a lot of people were still amazed that we really got everyone together, speaking at the Think Tank event, ‘South Rising-Partnership, Institution and Ideas’ in New York. I don’t believe they fully anticipated that. There will be a certain group of folks who are still perplexed as to how it occurred.

He continued by saying that the G20’s fundamental goal, “global growth and development,” could now be the emphasis while India held the G20 presidency.