J-K: Srinagar hosted a 2-day workshop on disaster preparedness

J-K: A 2-day disaster preparedness workshop was held in Srinagar

In Srinagar, the government of Jammu and Kashmir recently held a two-day workshop on disaster preparedness. There were a lot of people who attended the two-day event. To better coordinate their efforts during relief and rescue missions, youth volunteers also took part in the workshop. After receiving basic training, they “can better coordinate their activities during relief operations,” according to officials.

According to the officials, the workshop’s goal was to increase awareness and teach people how to react in the event of floods, earthquakes, and fires. The workshop was held at the College of Education Srinagar and organized by the Department of Disaster Management Relief Rehabilitation and Reconciliation in cooperation with the Higher Education Department government of Jammu and Kashmir. Over the course of the two days, experts provided a brief overview of the subject and demonstrated specialized tools and machinery.

According to the experts, discussions about how to assist those affected by disasters were also on the table. According to the officials, medical conditions like cardio-pulmonary illnesses, head injuries, and fainting episodes are frequently reported when a natural disaster strikes a location. But the possibility of human loss could be reduced with the aid of first aid and prompt rescue. In 2014, a disastrous flood brought on by torrential rains struck several Kashmiri districts.

As per estimates, over 280 were killed, thousands of people were rendered homeless and large swathes of agricultural lands were flooded.

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