Mumbai: Web series Delhi Crime, based on Delhi Nirbhaya case, has been awarded the International Emmy Award, making it the first Indian web series to win it. In an exclusive interview with The Daily Guardian, the ‘Dil Bechara’ director Mukesh Chhabra opened up about the struggle he had to face during its making and how elated he is on winning Emmy Award.

Did you ever think while casting for the series it would get nominated and bring home an international award? 

Our main thought process, whenever we cast for anything, is that we need to give our 100% and put forward suitable actors for any role. I along with my casting team comprising Siddharth Malik and Robin Singh Rathore worked hard and gave our best. While starting any project we always aim for the best outcome. The Emmy was a cherry on the cake so to say. We knew that it was going to be a brilliant series. But I am always grateful and humbled when my work gets recognised. 

Do you think more strict laws and punishments should be implemented when it comes to rapists?

I think it’s the need of the hour. Every person who cannot respect women needs to be severely punished. 

Did you go through any hinders while looking for actors in ‘Delhi Crime’ as it is based on real-life?

Yes! since it was a real-life incident we had the added pressure to be sensitive while auditioning and also be true to the real people who went through this personally. It was also a task to find realistic faces who are also good actors. We searched in every nook and corner. Each actor had to be spot on. But I and my team took up the challenge. 

Having been a casting director for several Hindi films, what is the first quality you see in any actor/actress?

I would say there’s no formula as such but I believe in my instinct and it has rarely disappointed me. Once I find an actor that looks the part, my half job is done. 

Tell us about your upcoming projects?

I’m excited for ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’, ‘83’, ‘Haathi Mere Saathi’, ‘Shaabaash’ and ‘Mithu’ to be out. Since some of them are real-life stories, I had a blast during the casting process. I have a great line up of upcoming projects and can’t wait for them to be announced. 

Will we be seeing you wearing the director’s cap after ‘Dil Bechara’?

I am currently focusing on casting. When I will find the right script I’ll take it up.

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