Is the Aviator Game Legal in India?


Launched in January 2019 by the innovative team of Spribe, the Aviator game was designed to be the ultimate online casino game. And it achieved that goal! The Aviator game stands out as a top-tier game in today’s gaming landscape. It’s not your typical slot game; instead, it offers players a greater degree of control. The objective? Withdraw your earnings before the plane takes off.

But is it safe and legal for Indian players to enjoy the game? Is Aviator a fair game? This article will answer these questions by giving you an overview of the Aviator game, the legal framework for online gambling in India, the legal status of the Aviator game, and the risks and challenges associated with playing the game.

Is Aviator game Legal in India?

Yes, it is! For an online casino or game to be deemed legal within the Indian market, specific standards need to be satisfied:

  • The service provider should not be based in India or fall under Indian legal jurisdiction.
  • The provider must possess a valid online gaming license.
  • Transactions on the provider’s platform should support Indian rupees for deposits and betting.

If your chosen casino operator ticks all these boxes, you’re all set! You can find safe and trusted casinos that offer real money Aviator games and play for free here. The Aviator game operates on the principles of Provably Fair, employs RNGs, ensures safety, and is entirely within legal bounds. Rest easy and dive into the game.

Online Gambling Laws in India

Online gambling in India is a complex and dynamic legal issue that involves various aspects of law, technology, and society. The legal framework for online gambling in India is not uniform or consistent across the country, as different states have different laws and approaches to regulate or prohibit online gambling activities.

Moreover, there is no central legislation that specifically deals with online gambling in India, and the existing laws are often outdated or ambiguous in relation to the online gambling industry.

One of the key legal concepts that determines the legality of online gambling in India is the distinction between games of skill and games of chance. Games of skill are those that require the application of mental or physical skill, knowledge, judgement, or strategy, while games of chance are those that depend wholly or predominantly on luck, randomness, or uncertainty.

The Supreme Court of India has held that games of skill are not gambling and are protected under Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution of India, which guarantees the right to practice any profession, or to carry on any occupation, trade or business. However, games of chance are considered gambling and are generally prohibited under various state laws.

The Public Gambling Act, 1867 is one of the oldest and most influential laws that regulates gambling in India. It prohibits the operation and participation in public gambling houses and imposes penalties for the same.

However, it does not apply to games of skill or to online gambling activities. The Act also empowers the state governments to enact their own laws on gambling and betting. As a result, some states have amended the Act or enacted their own laws to regulate or prohibit online gambling in their territories as seen in Delhi recently.

Is Aviator a Fair Game?

One of the main reasons why Aviator is so popular is that it is a reliable and fair game. And here is how:

The Aviator game algorithm uses the innovative Provably Fair technology. This is a cryptographic technology that ensures the randomness and transparency of the game.It operates using three components: server seeds given by the platform, client seeds which can be adjusted by the user’s browser, and a cryptographic nonce that increments with every player’s bet.

The initial trio of player seeds (a random set of 16 characters) and the server’s seed play a pivotal role. At the game’s commencement, these seeds merge to produce a hash, dictating the game’s result. Given the transparent nature of this procedure, influencing the game’s outcome is near impossible.

Yet, for those inclined, the game’s fairness can be verified. As a result, the Aviator game stands as a testament to the reliability of the Provably Fair system, making external tampering exceedingly challenging.

Our Conclusion

The Aviator game is a fun and thrilling online gambling game. However, the legality of the game in India depends on various factors and interpretations. The game is not regulated by any central law in India, and different states have different laws and approaches to online gambling.

The game may be legal in some states that allow and license online gambling activities, such as Sikkim and Nagaland, but it may be illegal in some states that ban all forms of online gambling, including games of skill, such as Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala.

Therefore, users who want to play the Aviator game in India should be aware of the legal implications and play responsibly and within their limits.