As a trusted name in the real estate and construction industry with around 30 years of experience, Ajay Soni believes in tackling challenges head on and adapting with the times as they come.

For a teenager to lose out on the medical entrance exam by just a single mark, it can be very difficult. For the young Ajay Soni, this situation had shattered his plans for the future. “However, I proudly embrace the fact that I was raised in a joint lower-middle-class family that embedded certain core values in me which have concretized me from within, thus, I am always focused and keen on discussing solutions rather than problems. It’s important to understand the future, work on it in the present and create a past that we are known for,” says Ajay Soni.

The state government then had announced the Narmada Dam Project.  Ajay Soni, who had acquired his Civil Engineering degree from L.D. Engineering College, applied for a job and was designated as a site officer with a humble pay cheque of just Rs 300. There, his hard work and his understanding of the construction segment began to offer opportunities to grow, until one fine day, it made Ajay Soni stop and rethink whether the offered proposal had been his life’s biggest opportunity or risk?

In 1992, Ajay Soni was offered a partnership in a residential construction project at Mithakhali Six Cross Roads, an elite vicinity of Ahmedabad city. This project needed him to invest a huge amount which was next to impossible for a salaried man like him. On the other hand, this project promised him to establish his individual brand. The results would be as high as the risks. But Ajay Soni showed the true characteristics of a decision-maker. He managed to loan the amount from his relatives on interest and promised to return it to them within a fixed time. The most interesting part of this phase was that he boarded his mother’s savings, and managed to return it to her along with the profit he earned from that project. His first project was completed and named “Harivansh” as a tribute to his grandfather. With the blessing of his parents, the support of his family, and the trust placed in him by his fellow associates, there has been no looking back since then.

Having spent around three decades in the construction and real estate industry, Ajay Soni is now referred to as a trusted name in the fraternity. His approach always has an analysis of future demands. Hence, he makes efforts to understand technology and its upgradations. He is a man who adapts to changing times and motivates his entire team to take up challenges which make them think out of the box.

“Kings’s Marvella is the vision inspired by my European tour. It’s the concept of community binding while staying in a space that offers you privacy as well as cluster gathering with our beloved that has intrigued me the most. The layout of the entire township project is unique and, at the same time, designed in a manner that is budget-friendly and affordable. It offers well-furnished individual houses within a unit that has its own lawn with seating arrangements, a barbeque corner, a swimming pool, and access to amenities. There are a total of 120 units. My friend Mr Sameer Shah has joined me in this vision to build a project where people can have a similar, or even better, experience compared to their one-time Europe tours,” Ajay Soni explains confidently.

Like a true Gujarati, Ajay Soni believes that investments should have good returns. It could be in various forms, not only restricted to individual benefits, but also for bettering the standard of living of the society. Whatever the challenge may be, he is devoted to delivering a quality product within the committed time. This not only ensures his sincerity towards his work, but also conveys that he is the man with solidarity with others.

Ajay Soni has managed to present his vision which is now being telecast with his interviews on local and national news channels and at award shows where he is being felicitated for his impactful contributions in his respective field.

As a simple human being, Ajay Soni relates the most to these lines from a Bollywood song: “Zindagi ka safar, hai ye kaisa safar? Koi samjha nahi, koi jana nahi.” Hence, it is important for him to keep evolving with changing situations. But his motto in life remains: “be ready to change your goals, but never change your values.”