Introducing Camikara, the first Indian cane juice rum

Camikara has no added colour, caramel, sugar or flavours, making it a 100% naturally aged rum.

Introducing Camikara, the first Indian cane juice rum
Introducing Camikara, the first Indian cane juice rum

This Diwali, we are proud to introduce Camikara, a one-of-a-kind rum from the house of Piccadily Distilleries. It is the first pure cane juice rum to come from India, after being matured for twelve (12) long years in American oak casks. Bottled at a strength of 50% ABV, Camikara has no added colour, caramel, sugar or flavours, making it a 100% naturally aged rum.

Only a limited quantity of individually numbered bottles will be released worldwide, with the United States having already pre-booked the largest allocation of 1200 bottles, followed by the UK 400 bottles and 800 bottles to be distributed in the rest of Europe, India has been allocated 400 bottles with rest of the world getting 800 of the remaining stock.

The search for producing an indigenous, high quality, cane juice rum began when it was observed that despite India being one of the largest producers of sugarcane, does not produce any high-quality cane juice rum.

In the year 2009, in a quaint little village Indri, India, the sweetest stalks of sugarcane were picked, the juice distilled and placed in 956 American oak casks. This spirit sat patiently for twelve (12) long years, interacting with the wood – gaining colour, flavour and character as time rolled by. When the spirit was finally drawn from the barrels, it was a sight to behold. A stunning golden elixir that the distillers immediately christened‘Camikara’ literally meaning liquid gold, a name of Sanskrit derivation, keeping true to our Indian heritage at Piccadily Distilleries.

When the barrels were finally emptied, it was discovered that only 6.6% of the original cane juice spirit remained, with the rest being usurped by the angels, as their share. The leftover spirit was unique, almost magical the taste and texture, comparable only to the finest rums globally. Camikara is a true treasure rediscovered. Born from tradition and sure to go on to stamp its name in the annals of history.

From the owner, “We never imagined we would inadvertently create such a rum. our inspiration came from the history of the local households of the area, where they have been distilling cane juice to make a local brew called Laahan, it has been part of the culture and customs of the Punjab region for thousands of years. Our goal was to revive this age-old tradition and we even went a step further by maturing it in oak casks, to bring it up to international standard. We have started with a small-batch, a specially curated edition of Camikara, to be exclusively shared with a select few.”

Camikara is the pioneer of a revolution – a testament to our land’s history, its culture and its people. A true physical manifestation of ingenuity and innovation, Camikara was born for two reasons: to rediscover the past; and to pave the way for the future.

About Camikara:

●  An exclusive Limited edition rum, aged to twelve (12) years.

●  India’s first pure cane juice based rum.

●  A sipping rum, best enjoyed neat, to discover the depth of its flavour and character.

●  Bottled at a strength of 50% ABV.

●  Aged in ex-bourbon, American oak barrels.

●  400 bottles of Camikara have been allocated for the Indian market (at an approximate MSP Rs. 6200).